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Composition: ( add feed ) 
Each 1 kg contains:
Xylanase enzyme, 4,000,000 units 
Cellulose enzyme 400,000 units
Beta-glucanase 200,000 units 
Pectinase enzyme 240,000 units 
Amylase 1,500,000 Units
Protease enzyme 750,000 units 
Lipase enzyme 50,000 units
Phytase enzyme 50,000 units
Galactosidase enzyme 400,000 units 
Mananase enzyme 200,000 units
• It is characterized by the presence of the enzyme xylanase In a high concentration, which breaks down xylans In com grains and thus improves digestion and absorption and Increases the utilization of nutrients
• It works on making use of the undigested fibers and extracts energy from them, and thus It works to save amount of added oils
• works to release phosphorous and thus provides the amount of di-calcium phosphate
• it reduces the rate of Infection with salmonella and E.coli and Improves the performance of the bird
• it Increases weight, Improves the feed conversion factor and reduces the cost of feed
• it saves 110 kilocalories / kg of feed, and thus saves from the amount of added oils
• reduces viscosity, making the medium homogeneous inside gastrointestinal tract which Improves operations of digestion and absorption
400 G/ton of fodder (fine) 500g/ton ff feed (Granulated)
1 kg

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